Board Design

Keep It Simple

You need to look at your For Sale/To Let boards as a piece of advertising for your brand. The act of erecting a board outside someone’s home indicates that the property is for sale or to let.

For Sale – To Let

Most boards allow ‘For Sale’/’To Let’ dominate the brand. This is unnecessary, so keep the letter height small but leave space around it to allow for a big Sold/Let By.


This is second most important piece of information on the board after your brand. There are ways to make it easier to assimilate. See example.  or

Which is easier to recognise? Don’t forget that we don’t read.

Shaped Boards

This is another method of standing out in a crowd. It is usually associated with middle to bottom markets. Again, Dexters take full advantage of a shaped board and their design travels up and down the market they are involved in. This board has been a strong driver in their success.


It is alleged that a large sum was spent on researching the colours for Foxton’s. An often used format is one dark colour and one light/bright colour. Dexter’s is one of the best boards in the market place using unusual colours. Bright gaudy boards tend to be associated more with the bottom of the market, but there are always exceptions for example ‘Statons’ they are dominant in their area and especially in the top end of the market.

Telephone Number

No matter how big it is, you can’t write it down whilst passing, you have to stop. People search on Google or use the web site address.

The correct way to write down a London telephone number:

Right 020 7891 2345 / 020 8891 2345
Wrong 0207 891 2345 / 0208 891 2345