In 1980, we designed a logo for Roger Carson of ‘Carson & Thompson’. The work was admired by Mr Charles Church, and he commissioned us to design the ‘Charles Church’ logo/brand, and also to propose a layout of the Heraldic Shield. We went on to do his signage and show homes. The innovation that Charles Church brought to new homes inspired Tony Pidgley of ‘Berkeley Homes’, and he subsequently commissioned us to carry out the same design process.

This work led us into the design of offices and products for both Estate Agents and show homes, which we’ve been doing for the last 30 years, bringing new innovations to the market.

We recognised LED powered lighting as the future, and developed the largest product range in Europe, with over 50 pocket designs and 12 basic designs for floor-standing LED illuminated displays. These are made to each client’s size and style.

Our bespoke service means we can manufacture something unique to the client’s brand to differentiate them from the competitors, making them stand out on the high street.